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Shop our recommended products anytime, anywhere!

Order your pet's medicine and supplies 24/7, our online store is always open!
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  • Trusted 

    • Manufacturer guaranteed products

  • Convenient

    • Single dose delivery with easydoseit!™

    • No additional shipping cost for easydoseit! items

  • Automatic deliveries of medications and diets

    • No additional shipping costs for diets

  • Free shipping on orders over $49

    • Excludes products requiring expedited shipping

  • Shop Local

    • Through MyVetStoreOnline our prices remain competitive

    • Manufacturer rebates available for select items

  • Quicker Resolution of Prescriptions

    • MyVetStoreOnline is an extension of our practice’s services

    • Orders come directly to Molitor Pet & Bird Clinic for approval

    • Eliminates delays and hassles 

  • Data Privacy

    • Personal information is never shared

    • Emails limited to messages regarding orders

  • Online Store Customer Support available at (844) 654-6876

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How To Register For MyVetStoreOnline
How To Place An Order On MyVetStoreOnline
Prescriptions on MyVetStoreOnline
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